Metal Detector Installation Services in Kenya

Walk-through and handheld metal detectors are used to increase safety and security. Today these metal detectors are used not only at airports but in office buildings, theaters, and schools.  These multi-zone metal detectors are designed to keep you safe from the threat of metal weapons.

The metal detector works by generating a short pulse induction magnetic field across the opening. If a metal object passes through the detector, it creates an echo pulse that can be detected by the electronic circuits.

The latest walk-through detectors include multiple detection zones, so you can identify where the metal object is located. For example, a single zone walk-through detector only indicates that metal was detected. A two-zone detector can indicate if the metal is on the right or left side.  The more advanced detection systems can pinpoint the location with greater accuracy. For example, it can determine if there is a gun located at the ankle or belt.

A hand-held detector is also available.

Hand held metal detectors are designed for quick and efficient body search scanning for knives, weapons and concealed metal objects. Hand held metal detectors are often used in conjunction with walk-through metal detectors, enabling operators to scan a persons body to locate exactly where metal objects are concealed
Compact size , Portable;
High sensitivity, able to detect object as small as a stamp;
Visualize metal detection indicator;
Rechargeable battery and charger;
Extra-long working hours with single charge (Up to 40 working hours);
Controllable sound and vibration ect;
Low sensitivity mode, Alter out all the small and tiny object;
Low battery voltage (7V) come with same detection range